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Benefits of Joss powder

An indispensable material in the incense manufacturing industry that we cannot take lightly is incense powder. Incense powder is made from the bark and wood of the Litsea tree and if we delve deeper, we will be even more surprised with the great uses that this powder brings.


This plant has the scientific name Litsea Glutinosa, it is a species of plant belonging to the Camphor family. The distribution area of this plant in our country stretches across the country from Ha Giang to Ca Mau. In addition, the tree is distributed mainly in other tropical countries such as southern China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia.

Light-loving plants grow well in the edges of forests, open forests, bushes, and along streams. The tree grows very strongly from the root, stem, shoot and foliage if it encounters hot and humid climate all year round

Application of Litsea in the production of incense:

The bark and wood contain gluten ground into an Joss powder that is used as a natural binder in the production of herbal incense sticks. Depending on the type of incense, the profession gives different ratios for each product. If the ratio of Joss powder is high, the incense will be turned off halfway when used, so the quantification of this material in the production of incense is a valuable secret.


For incense coil product line, because there is no bamboo sticks core, the proportion of Joss powder will be more, in order to keep the stickiness of the incense coil. For the product line of incense sticks with bamboo sticks cores, it will be easier to customize the Joss powder.


As for incense products, the use of Joss Powder is only to shape the incense buds with different shapes. In addition, the bark of this tree has a bitter taste and is used as a taste to stimulate the aroma of the ingredients. other incense-producing herbs.


That is the reason that Litsea is one of the main ingredients to create the incense that people light every day.

Other uses and applications of the tree:


  • Used as medicine: Roots, leaves, bark are used as medicine with the effect of reducing fever, reducing swelling, treating diarrhea, resin. The resin has a binder used to make a poultice for the skin. The crushed seeds of Litsea are used to treat boils.

  • Used to make candles and soaps: Litsea seeds contain up to 50% aromatic oil essence, they often press the seeds to get oil to produce soap and scented candles.

  • Making furniture and flooring: Mature wood is moderately hard and heavy, the wood is yellow-brown in color and has a solid and dense texture. So wood is also harvested for furniture and parquet flooring.

  • Used in aquaculture: In addition to the effects on Litsea powder, it also has the effect of binding aquatic food so that the food does not dissolve in water, reducing the loss of feed in aquaculture. At the same time, reducing pathogens for aquatic products and helping to avoid dirty water in the aquarium due to dissolved food. This is very good for the small digestive system typical of seafood
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