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The unexpected benefits of incense

Burning Incense is a custom that has existed in all religious beliefs from West to East. Fragrance lies in the middle of the intersection between the physical and spiritual worlds. People use smoke to send prayers to the gods and ancestors for peace of mind, stability in reason and a healthy body, quick to respond to all events of life.

Burning incense to warm and clean the living space

Burning incense is a way to destroy oxygen as well as mold bacteria in the air. At the same time, it produces fresh air, making the space fragrant and fresh

Burning agarwood incense destroys oxygen, causing mold and bacteria to die. Sauna therapy helps to expel negative and cold air to create fresh air, clean and comfortable living space. This therapy appeared 5000 years ago and is widely used today. This clearly shows the powerful effect of burning incense, even though it is simple and inexpensive


Helps repel insects

In the past, people used smoke to define the area "this is the house of man". The burning and burning of incense helps to repel insects and reptiles. The smell of smoke helps them to recognize human habitation and stay away.

After years of research, People discovered that pine cinnamon sticks repel mosquitoes and the amount of sting must be large enough to create smoke. Smoke containing hot spicy essential oil repels mosquitoes most effectively. In particular, it also helps protect your baby from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases.


Burning incense helps check air quality

When burning incense sticks, you feel suffocated, this means your living space has a big problem, so much so that any small life is difficult to exist.

If it feels like the air you breathe in the room is rotten. The main reason may be due to too much furniture in your room. Because unnecessary things eat up the fresh air in the room. Over time, they can make your body weak, sick, or irritable.

Solution: Clean up, clean the room, and throw away all little or no use. Then, close the door, burn a few buds or sticks of incense. When it's burned out, open the doors to let the incense smoke go away. You will see magic.


Effective mental therapy when burning incense sticks

If so, go wash your hands, light an incense stick, then sit quietly, straighten your back, inhale and exhale evenly and watch it burn.

Life needs us to act, it needs to change if we are not satisfied.

Change can start from the smallest, very small things like washing your hands, then burning the room, steaming, cleaning your breath.

The high frequency scent of agarwood, or the sweet scent of cinnamon in incense helps to increase serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in many processes throughout the body, from regulating mood to promoting digestion. Increasing serotonin will help you sleep well by regulating circadian rhythms, regulating appetite, good for learning and memory enhancement, helping to promote positive emotions and social behavior.

In addition, burning incense sticks helps you increase concentration during meditation or yoga. It is the scent of incense that will make you purify your mind - body - mind in the best way.


Burning incense and the culture of enjoying the fragrance

“It wasn't until the transportation of goods became convenient and promoted by religious significance that the culture of enjoying incense became widespread.

Scent through olfactory stimulation has a multifaceted impact on the human brain. From there, it evokes thoughts, neutralizes mental pressure, creates a warm and happy environment, and relaxes the mind and body.

As we can see, the peoples who value the tradition of fragrance culture will most likely develop a theoretical system and method of using fragrance. This shows the deep cultural deposition, and at the same time attaches great importance to pursuing an elegant and poetic life. "

Ancient Greek aristocrats had the habit of using incense to steam their clothes in daily life. It helps them always keep a peaceful temper, a clear mind and a calm mind to decide important issues in life.

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