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INCENSE - Beauty In Spiritual Life

For a long time, incense has been an indispensable thing not only in holidays but also in daily life. It can be said that incense has crept into every corner of life and has an important place in the lives of Vietnamese people in particular and of Asians in general.


Incense is like a sacred bridge between human existence and the spiritual realm of heaven and earth. The spreading aroma of incense makes us feel warmer and more connected, bringing people back to the sweet memory region, but many people still call the scent of incense as the scent of memory, the smell of nostalgia.


In the minds of many people, they believe: In the afterlife, there are always invisible people who are looking at us and are with us every day. And when we light incense sticks, we can connect with them, warming this world and the invisible world as well. This has created a habit of burning incense for ancestors before long trips or holidays....This is not a superstitious act at all, but a beautiful culture handed down from many generations. long. Going to the temple to offer incense gives each person a serenity and peace of mind with the wish that good things will come to themselves and their families.


Incense is no longer a tangible item but has become an indispensable spiritual item. Along with other traditional customs, incense sticks have contributed to creating and preserving the value of Vietnamese national cultural identity in particular as well as Asian culture in general.





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