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Wood Powder and Applications in life

Wood Powder is truly a versatile probiotic produced from renewable wood. In the article below, we will learn what wood pulp is, how to produce Wood Powder and what Wood Powder is used for.


The concept of Wood Powder

Wood Powder is wood that is cut into small pieces and ground into a powder. Wood Powder is a clean, renewable and biodegradable raw material. Wood Powder is light, non-conductive, harmless to humans and can be produced at a very low cost.


To produce wood powder, people divide the tree into two parts:

  • Tree core: The inner part of the wood, usually with a dense, smooth texture. This part will be used to make wood powder.
  • Bark: The bark will be removed from the core when producing wood powder. Due to its different properties, the bark is not suitable for grinding into wood powder, instead it is often used as a fuel to provide heat for the wood powder production process.
  • About size: Wood pulp is small in size, requiring more careful handling methods.
  • About ingredients: Wood pulp is made only from the core of the tree trunk.
  • About the type of wood: Depending on the application and usage, wood pulp can be ground from many different types of wood.


Application of wood powder in life

Wood powder is used in many aspects of life. Here are some popular apps you can keep an eye on:



Paper making is one of the most important and popular uses of wood powder. With this application, wood powder will be generated from 2 processes of mechanical treatment and chemical treatment.

After being processed, the wood powder will be put into the mill and mixed into a concentrated solution, flowing through the middle of a knife roller and fixed. The fibers will be cut, pressed according to the adjustment of the knife.

Then the powder will be mixed with additives in each ratio to create different types of paper. After the mixture is finished and cleaned many times, it will flow on the surface of the paper mesh. On this mesh, the water will drain and the paper structure will begin to take shape. After the water has drained sufficiently, the paper is pressed and then passed to the next drying section, where it is further pressed and curled.


Some types of wood are suitable for making paper such as spruce, fir, pine, oak, poplar, eucalyptus.


Fast food

With the effect of adding texture, thickening, stability and safety for humans, wood powder is applied in many fast food products of the food industry. Some products often use wood powder such as: shredded cheese, milkshakes, ...

Making incense


The application of incense making of wood powder is done with some types of wood with characteristic aromas such as cinnamon, agarwood, sandalwood, ...

With this application, the wood will be put into the machine to be chopped, dried and then ground into a powder. After grinding is complete, the powder will be transferred to a specialized machine system to sifting for smooth, ensuring the maximum fine powder.

After obtaining a suitable fine wood powder product, the powder will continue to be mixed with vegetable glue (Loi fruit powder) combined with water to create sufficient adhesion and then rolled onto each incense stick, dried. dry to be finished product.

Nail polish

Wood powder is added to nail polish preparations to help nail polish dry faster and last longer.

Ceilings and wall panels

Wood powder is also used in the production of ceiling panels and wall panels for the purpose of making the panels lighter, increasing durability, adhesion and giving the product surface a flat and glossy finish.

Fabric making


Like paper, fabric production is also one of the quite impressive applications of powder. Fabrics made from powder often have the advantages of being cool, absorbent, durable, and especially environmentally friendly.

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